Sunday, November 11, 2018

My Experience with ZoomAssets

NOTE : This content is based on my understanding about ZoomAssets and corrections are welcome.

ZoomAssets is a portfolio or account management company. They trade in the forex and commodity market. They also manage real estate assets. It was sometimes last year when I decided to open a testing account with them to know if what i've read about them was true or they are probably one those scams I've fallen victim to. What does ZoomAssets do with your money? I was once asked by a friend in Florida. They trade your money in Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Bonds and Commodity. They pay you profit made from this portfolios on a daily basis. All commodities, currencies and index tradings are hands free for you(the trader or investor). according to what i read, ZoomAssets have a team of professionals who takes care of these markets. Whom also handles all the market research and analysis and invest your funds for you. You're only required to select which commodity or currency to trade in.

This means that, since you don't know how to trade in Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Bonds and Commodity.You can actually give your money to professionals to do it for you. The planning, analyzing, decision making, trading and eventually making profits from these portfolios are taken care of by their team of trading professionals. They do the work for you. You only need to relax and withdraw profits. Awwssssooomme isn't it?

 I deposited funds into my account (screenshot below)

then I proceeded to selecting a portfolio i would like my money to be traded in. (screenshot below) 

My investment was accpeted and it started running and profit began to hit my account on daily basis (screenshot below)

After sometime, I decided to withdraw my profit and it got paid to my withdrawal destination without a blink.

Conclusion :

Based on my experience about High-yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) which usually can't last more than 3 months. ZoomAssets is almost 3 years old with grounded team of dedicated workers. One of the things i love about this guys is that they give you what they can offer and nothing more, Unlike other programs that promises a high return of your money that ended up failing.
               ZoomAssets gives you what the market produces. When the market is nice you'll know from your daily profit percentage. It's an online business and at such be sure you're of sound mind when making any choice on which portfolio to trade in. I am NOT responsible for your gains or market loss(That is if any). This content is intended to expose you to the world of high tech traders that provides stable income.

When I tell friends and family i am investing in stocks, commodities etc, the first thing I will usually hear is “only invest what you can afford to lose”. This is great advice from me to you. Please Never Forget To Always Withdraw Your Profits.

Oh I forgot.
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  1. So after reading your content 2 months ago, I decided to try it out. I make huge withdrawal everyday. I'm already writing an article about zoomassets. Thanks